I’m a business developer, tech ethusiast, self-taught programmer and former speed skater from Italy.


💸 Right now, I'm head of growth at BacktoWork, one of the leading crowd-investing and club deal platform in Italy (backed by Intesa Sanpaolo).

🧊 I used to be a speed skater for the Italian national team, racing in many international competitions around the world.

💻 I like startups, new technology, coding, skiing, cycling and mountaineering.

📰 Tweets about startups and venture capital in Italy.

🗺️I'm fond of on-the-road travelling (50+ countries visited). In 2014 I did the Mongol Rally with 8 friends, going from Milan to Mongolia on a van.


  • Tracking my trips

    Dec 4, 2021 |
    • Fun
    • Travel
    📍 I’ve always like to put pins on a map…


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