Startup Fundraising (free) Resources

Posted on Nov 26, 2023 Reading time: 42 sec



Fundraising is (most likely) a crucial step if you’re aiming to scale your startup.


Whether you’re courting pre-seed angels or eyeing venture capital funds, there are numerous aspects to consider, a plethora of unwritten rules to (probably) adhere to, and a minefield of potential mistakes to sidestep.


On top of that, the journey is often long and challenging, even if you happen to stumble upon this post after the 2022/23 fundraising winter.


To assist anyone venturing into this challenging realm, I’ve compiled all the resources I’ve bookmarked (and likely shared through my weekly newsletter) into this GitHub Repository.


I want to create a one-stop shop for free fundraising knowledge with no commercial agenda. The list is on GitHub so that everyone can contribute and expand this knowledge base. I hope it will become a valuable resource for anyone taking the first steps through fundraising.


To all the (wannabe) founders out there, best of luck with your raise!